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The outer part of the peninsula Hindsholm is called Fynshoved (Funen's Head) and is one of the prettiest places in Denmark.

Fynshoved contains an unusually rich bird life and several rare plants, so it is with good reason that Fynshoved is one of the residents’ favorite excursion destinations to experience beautiful nature. You can let your imagination run wild, and experience what it looked like, back when outlaw Marsk Stif hid in Røverdalen. Or you can throw the line into the sea, because the fishing at Fyns Hoved is fantastic. The special nature of precipitation creates a unique daylight, which has always attracted painters during all four seasons. 

Fynshoved has multiple opportunities for hiking. The most used, leads around Fynshoved itself. There is access to the route from the parking at the far end of Fynshovedvej. Of course, you choose whether you take the trip to the east or west.

The western route is more exposed to the elements and especially the western wind, and thus it can be a little more difficult to pass on some stretches if you bring a stroller. At Baesbanke, a path leads to the viewpoint, where you have a fantastic view of the sea and the wildlife at Fællesstand.

At the entrances to the area, there are maps that you can use to orientate yourself, or you can stop by VisitKerteminde and get a map to go.

By Jøvet you will find the parking lot, where access to the hiking paths is. Here there is benches and tables, a toilet and access to a shelter with room for 5-6 people.   

Sanctuary for different species of animals.
Part of Fynshoved is declared a sanctuary for wading birds and birds of prey e.g., buzzards.

Other rare species can be experienced as well, e.g., the Glanville Fritillary butterfly and the Natterjack toad. You may also be able to see grass snakes and vipers. 

The beach.
Fynshoved has water on both sides, and you can swim on the east side in the great belt or on the westside in Korshavnen. In Korshavn the beach is very kid friendly, with still waters and sandy beaches.

About Fyns Hoved.
Fynshoved is full of history from the Viking age to WWII. Remnants of early mankind settlements have been found e.g., oyster shells, flint spots, stone axes and arrowheads. In addition, the beach has a multitude of stones, including porphyries, which was brought from the ice sheet of Norway. Likewise, there is a wealth of fossils, e.g., the belemnite.

Though the best thing about Fynshoved is the nature. The nature here is magnificent, in part because it is the place with the lowest precipitation in Denmark. The low precipitation means that there is more frequent sunshine on the top, thus making it possible for plants to survive there, when they are not able to anywhere else in Denmark. This also meant that a lot of painters came to Fynshoved to paint the beautiful nature, because of the natural light and the way it hits Fyns Hoved.