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Galleri 55 - Keramik

The gallery exhibits ceramic works by the best professional and renowned artists, including Vibeke Fischer, Lotte Glob, Finn Dam Rasmussen and Doron Silberberg and others.

Galleri 55 is a gallery with a very good reputation where you can see ceramics by Danish and international artists. There are successive exhibitions throughout the year - take a look and see what the the gallery has put on show right now!


Opening hours:

May 2-30. September

Monday-Friday at 10-17

Saturday at 10-14

Sunday at 11-16

October 1-30. April

Thursday-Friday at 13-17

Saturday at 10-14

Sunday at 11-16

During the Easter week and during the spring holidays, Galleri 55 is open as in the summer.

It is not open between Christmas and New Year's Eve.