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Gallery Khouri - Greve

Michel A. Khouri:
Born in 1946 in Alexandria.
Grew up in Lebanon
Came to Denmark in 1962

Experimenting autodidact, colourist - expressionist.
Has taught painting since 1979
First one man exhibition: Robin og Magnussen, 1972

Permanent exhibitions
Greve Idræts Center
Nybolig - Waves
Sydbank - Greve Strandvej
Hafonn A/S - Komplekset - KBH

Latest public decoration assignment:

Greve Idræts Center (Sports Centre).

Along the coast road are several small specialist shops and grocery stores, plus a variety of eating places, including sandwich and sushi bars, cafés etc.

The studio is located on the first floor above Salon Magic direct on Greve Strandvej.