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Gammelrøj Herregård

At the Manor, you can do anything from celebrating life's big parties to holding good works conferences. We offer to handle everything from catering and premises to staff and accommodation.

Welcome to Gammelrøj Manor!

The Manor's is set in unique and beautiful surroundings as well as a fantastic, historic setting. The great hall of Gammelrøj Manor and our party pavilion in the park have the ideal party and banquet rooms for any event - whether it is a wedding, a round birthday, a silver anniversary, a company party, a confirmation, or another event that you want to celebrate in beautiful surroundings. The party pavilion can accommodate more than 200 people and is the perfect place for a beautiful and special summer party.

Feel free to call Bettina Madsen who will be happy to show you the old, beautiful Manor.

Gammelrøj Manor is only open to parties and groups.