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Godsbanen - Meetings and conferences

Godsbanen in Aarhus offers top professional meeting facilities for you, whether you are a small or large group. Godsbanen has all the equipment you need to organise the meeting you want, and there is no compromise on quality.

The raw and creative environment of Godsbanen provides space for big thoughts and visions. Godsbanen hosts meetings and conferences as well as exhibitions, theatre, readings, concerts, lectures and markets.

Unique facilities

Godsbanen has professional AV equipment and rooms for up to 800 participants. They strive to create sustainable solutions where high quality is key. There is everything you need to organise the perfect event or meeting.


Spiselauget organises catering according to your needs and wishes. Everything from a short morning meeting with a good breakfast to a full-day meeting that ends with dinner in the restaurant. Spiselauget at Godsbanen also offers to organise large company parties for up to 800 participants. Nothing is too big or too small.

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