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Herfølge Church - Køge

A visit to our beautiful and charming church is a journey into the past . The church dates from around 1200 with several later additions. Exploring the church you will, among other things, notice two small round-arched Romanesque windows on the east side of the tower, which originate from the original church, the women's entrance on the north side, dating from the 14th century, and a chalk stone with the monogram of Jesus on the outer wall of the vestry, dating back to 1522.

You will also discover the Midwife's Chair, St. John with the Eagle and our fine old baptismal basin from 1611, kindly on loan from the National Museum of Sweden, but it did originally belong to Herfølge Church.

Why do we have a model of the ship Dannebrog? Why did B. S. Ingemann visit Herfølge Church? How did the former owner and lady, Rosensparre and Gyldenstjerne, leave their mark on the church? Who is buried beneath the floors of Herfølge Church? - and who is Valborg?

You will find answers to this and much more in our exciting and informative church leaflet, written by our two former parish priests Christina Smith and Helge Baden Nielsen back in 2003, but it is still up to date. The leaflet is free to use and can be found in the Porch.

You should also set aside time for a walk through our beautiful, well tended cemetery, which was expanded in 2015 with a new area, the Skovkirkegården (Wood Cemetery). Cross the small fine bridges and enjoy a quiet moment to the sound of rippling water in the shade of the large beech trees. The area also holds the former rectory, which is now used for office purposes.

Everyone is of course welcome in the church and in the cemetery, please just remember to always show respect for any church events that may be taking place within and without