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Herning Valgmenighedskirke (Herning congregation church)

The church is simple and rather unpretentious from the outside. There is no tower, but a bellstack towards the east. The church room is almost quadratic with good proportions. 250 seats. Buildt in 1954 - renovatet in 2004.

There is talk of a very typical of the time and contemporary church with big windows on the western side, a light and almost quadric high cealing churchroom without decorations and with an alter turning north.

The artist Arne Haugen Sørensen has been in charge of decorating the church. He has paintet a challenging picture of jesus last meal with his disciples. a modern tell on the sacrament.

Furthermore he has on three big windows paintet scenes from the bible story: Jesus birth, the crucifix and the rise of christ so people inside the church can see the world through these pictures.

The church is not open outside of church services.

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