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Hike - The History Course through Holstebro

Find your way in Holstebro, The History Course and experience the historical buildings and sights on the approx. 3.5 km route.

Go on a historical adventure through the city center of Holstebro. You will visit 16 control points, where all of them are a part of the towns history. 

In "Find your way in Holstebro The History Course", you can read a little history about the sights you will visit along your way. Inside the leaflet there is a standard orienteering map that is produced specifically for orienteering in an urban area, each control point is marked by circle.


Solve a riddle or Quiz

While you are on the route you can solve a little riddle with the help from 16 small photos. Each photo has a letter or a number that you will need to find the code word, that tells you the year and the name, of when the town was mentioned for the first time ever in an official document.

If you have a smartphone you can take a Quiz, where you will get a text with a question and three possible answers for each of the 16 control points. Scan the QR-code before start or visit www.findveji.dk/wayfinders/courses/10638/register.


Find your way with GPS

You can also find your way using GPS, find the GPS-coordinates next to each control point in the leaflet or download a list with the coordinates from www.findveji.dk.