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Horsens Holder

Horsens Holder is Horsens' new four-day festival week, which will be taking place for the third time in 2024. Horsens Holder will be a large public celebration throughout the city, where you can experience concerts, community singing, backyard cinema, city walks, children's parties, art, workshops, lectures, and much, much more.

A tribute to everyday culture

Horsens is known for its large concerts featuring international artists. However, the culture in the city is much more than just familiar visiting artists – it is an integral part of the city's DNA and the everyday lives of its citizens. "Horsens Holder" is a tribute to the many associations, dancers, artists, musicians, and other talented individuals who bring life to the city on a daily basis.

Local cultural actors, associations, and citizens contribute to the festival with their own events, creating a comprehensive and interesting program with events for all ages and cultural preferences.


More than 100 events

During Horsens Holder, you can experience almost everything – concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, workshops, creative events, nature outings, city walks, events for children, theater, literature, food events, and much more.

For example, you can join morning yoga, backyard cinema, community singing, knitting workshops, rock concerts, harbor tours, mushroom picking trips, or some of the many other events in and around the city.


Horsens Holder in 2024

In 2024, the local festival week will be held from June 6th to June 9th. You can find the full program on the Horsens Holder website as we approach June. Also, follow the festival on Facebook and/or Instagram, where you can find inspiration for the many events.


Other events in Horsens and surroundings

On this page, you can find inspiration for other cultural experiences, events, and festivals in Horsens and the surrounding area.