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Horsens Play Centre (Legeland)

Take your kids on a great day for the whole family in the large play centre of the city. As soon as you have paid the entrance fee you can try all the fun games and activities as many times as you want. A great idea for a daytrip, that will spark a lot of joy among the children.

The peak of the vacation for the youngest family members

The foundation is laid for hours of fun and games and energy when you visit Horsens Play Centre. Det huge warehouse may not look like much when you arrive at the industrial neighbourhood, but when you step through the doors, an Eldorado of colours and fun playing materials. You will need plenty of time, because the children will not want to go home any time soon. However, we dare to guarantee that they will have a good night’s sleep afterwards. Because the selection of activities is huge, and there is a good chance they will find new play mates.


Toys with a wow-factor

Where to begin? There is so much to do, that it is almost impossible to choose! All those options! Maybe I need to start by jumping on the many trampolines? Or take a trip down the 6,5-meter slide? You could also begin by the large jungle gym and take one of the two slides down? Or the giant inflatable activity course. Or a game at the ball pitch? Or shoot your parents with the ball-canon? Hihi! Or maybe one of the funny arcade machines? Or a joined scavenger hunt for the whole family using QR-codes, where you can solve puzzles together?

Don’t worry – You are going to have time to do everything! As long as the family’s adults equip themselves with patience. And of course, the play centre has thought of that. 


While the kids are romping about…

… mom and dad can enjoy a peaceful moment at the café. In the café there is a lot of seating and the opportunity to order a selection of meals. The café is very concerned about sustainability and uses carefully selected and high-quality produce, so you can be sure to get a great experience. You can sit at the table and order your food and drinks with your phone, and then you get a text message when your meal is ready. It is also possible to buy candy, ice-cream, and other sweet stuff.


Order your entry-tickets

Visit Horsens Play Centre’s online booking and secure the tickets for your visit. The play centre is open Thursday-Sunday all year round and on all school holidays, so mark your calendar for a memorable experience for every child and childish soul.


Hurray, it is my birthday!

Is there any greater place imaginable for celebrating a child’s birthday? Horsens Play Centre welcomes you with a festively set table and free play for everyone. Contact the play centre to get more info om +45 40 50 77 77 or info@horsenslegeland.dk.