Green Experience
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Hotel GSH (Green Solution House)

Hotel GSH

Are you environmentally concious...?
...then you should consider living at Hotel GSH - Green Solution House. Here you will be welcomed by a world of innovative green solutions with great benefits for nature. It is not only the green solutions that gives you a wonderfuld vacation. You will also have to look forward too:

A - The delicious food
In the highly appraised restaurant you will be indulged with organic and local food. In marts 2016 the danish lifestyle magazine "Gastro" wrote about Hotel GSH "The aestethic and tasteful are two great contributers to the succes of Hotel GSH. Green Solution House has now entered Bornholms Hall of Fame of fantastic restaurants.

B - The beautiful location
Hotel GSH is located wonderfully on Strandvejen in Rønne - in the middle of the city, the forest and the beach. After a delicious dinner in the restaurant you can join your loved one on a walk to the nearby beach. Put you toes into the hot sand. Enjoy the sunset. Feel the smile on your face.

C - The large and comfortable rooms
You will be welcomed by large and well furnished rooms. Even tough the hotel is very new - you cannot expect all the furniture to be totally new as well. This is because it is more environmentally conscious to re-cover old danish design furniture with new organic material than to buy new furniture in China.

Frederik, the Crown Prince, and the green solutions
Even tough you dont have any technical interest, you cannot help being impressed of the green solutions of Hotel GSH. The suncells create power to the hotel. Plants, curtains and carpets clean the air. The windows maximize the influx of light. Algae cleans the sewage water. The trash from the kitchen is being converted to mulch that can be used in the hotels vegetable garden.