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Hvalpsund Family Camping

Hvalpsund Family Camping is located in the maritime harbor town of Hvalpsund, situated at the tip of the Louns Peninsula. Here, peace and tranquility reign, with plenty of activities for children and adults. A fantastic vacation is guaranteed for the whole family.

Hvalpsund Family Camping is a great choice for a family vacation. The campsite is beautifully located by the shores of Limfjorden. The child-friendly beach invites water activities, play, and crab fishing. Limfjorden is perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding. On windy days, it is suitable for kiteboarding and windsurfing.

Here, you will find nature, togetherness, and a sense of community across generations. The campsite is family-run, and our entire family works here. We make active choices to make the site more environmentally friendly, so you can use the facilities with a clear conscience. The campsite is digitized to make your check-in and electricity purchases easier.

We have a cozy pool area with a children's pool and a large pool with a slide and a bubble zone. The campsite also features a large playground with swings, a play tower, a trampoline, bouncy castles, and a pedal car track.

We offer activities for both children and adults, such as music events, group singing,
bread on a stick, wine tasting, guided walks, and pool disco.

If you're looking for cold refreshments and easy dinners, you can purchase them at our Café. We also have a small shop with ice cream, sweets, and daily necessities. Additionally, the campsite provides service buildings with kitchens, toilets, family rooms, changing rooms, and a laundry room.

The surrounding area offers everything you need for a successful holiday, with time for relaxation and fun activities. You will find well-marked cycling and hiking routes, a Put & Take lake, Hvalpsund Golf Club, the charming marina, and Hvalpsund Ferry Port, from where you can sail with the ferry "Mary" to Sundsøre.

The campsite has a delightful atmosphere and a cozy holiday ambiance. If you are attracted to the good vibes and beautiful nature, we invite you to visit Hvalpsund Family Camping.

We look forward to seeing you.
The Skov Family


Café Himmelblå

At Hvalpsund Family Camping, you will find Café Himmelblå. Here, you have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious burger with crispy seasoned fries. We focus on using local suppliers, including high-quality meat from Himmerlandskød and Det lille Slagteri (The Little Butchery).

In the café, you can find both hot and cold drinks, including Hancock draft beer and soft drinks, elderflower drink from Louns, Peter Larsen coffee, wine, and cocktails. We offer delicious Italian ice cream from Voel ismejeri, and the Frisko freezer is fully stocked.



At Hvalpsund Family Camping, you have the opportunity to park your autocamper on all our sites. We particularly recommend our first-row viewing spots with a fantastic view of the Limfjord. The sites are easy to drive to, and on a sunny day, you will see the most beautiful sunset.

It is easy to fill the camper with water and get rid of gray water.

Self-service is possible all year round if you book online.


Rental of glass kayaks and paddleboards

At Hvalpsund Family Camping, you have the opportunity to rent both glass kayaks and paddleboards. Life jackets and paddles are included in the rental.

Glass kayaks: It is a special experience to go out on Limfjord in a glass kayak. It resembles a canoe and is completely transparent. This means that you have the opportunity to see life beneath the water surface - it's a must-try!

Paddleboards: Whether you have good balance or want to test it, here you can rent paddleboards and have fun and enjoyable holiday experiences.



Perfect for those who enjoy a simple form of holiday. The mini cabin is furnished with space for a maximum of 4 people and includes 1 bedroom with 4 beds, consisting of a bunk bed and a sofa bed with corresponding duvets and pillows. The cabin is equipped with a simple kitchen consisting of a refrigerator, hotplates, coffee machine and tableware for 4 people. Water is collected outside the cabin.

The cabins are located close to excellent service facilities with a shared kitchen, family room, showers, and toilets.

The mini cabin has a partially covered terrace with a café table and 4 chairs.

Dogs are allowed in the mini cabin. It is possible to rent towels and bed linen.


Hvalpsund Put & Take

Hvalpsund Family Camping has two Put & Take lakes. The fishing lakes are 8,600 m² and 4,600 m², respectively. Fish are regularly stocked from Lundby, ranging in size from about 0.5 kg to 5 kg. The stockings usually consist of rainbow trout, golden trout, brown trout, brook trout, and tiger trout. We are members of the "Danske ørredsøer".

From the fishing lakes, you have access to the campsite, where you will find a fish cleaning area and good toilet facilities. When the campsite shop and café are open, you have the opportunity to buy treats.

Hvalpsund Put & Take, with its fantastic location, is the perfect place for a fishing trip with family and friends, whether you are beginners or experienced anglers.

You must fish with a valid fishing license, which you can purchase online on our website, through the Fisher App, or during the reception's opening hours at the campsite. Please note that there are catch limits.


Underwater Path, Beach Path, and Nature Room

We are proud to host Vesthimmerland's coastal nature base, consisting of an exciting underwater path, a beach path, and a nature room. This was created in collaboration with and

Discover the underwater life of the Limfjord: Follow the path in the fjord, visit the 8 stations, and learn more about the animals that live in the Limfjord. Take a look through the water viewer, catch a crab, and gain a deeper understanding of the fjord's ecosystem.

The underwater path is accessible to all ages. You can adjust the activity depending on skill level and water depth. When the water level is low, you can explore the stations wearing waders. At high tide, you can swim, use paddleboards, or transparent kayaks.

Beach Path: Along the beach, there are 8 stations. In the nature room, there is a suitcase for each station. The suitcase contains the materials you need.

Nature Room and Equipment: The nature room is filled with exciting equipment, including waders, water viewers, fishing nets, and shrimp nets. Everything you need to explore life below the water's surface and along the beach is available.

The nature room, underwater path, and beach path are free and accessible from spring to autumn. Look forward to fun and educational activities at the Limfjord.