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Inshore fishing at As Hoved

This forested peninsula at the end of As Vig is one of the most adventurous fishing spots along the Jutlandic east coast. Here, there are excellent opportunities for catching sea trout and garfish.

Beautiful Fishing Spot on the Jutlandic East Coast

As Hoved is one of the most popular fishing spots in East Jutland – and for good reason. Fishing here can, at times, be so good that you underestimate the long walk. The spot is only accessible on foot or with a bicycle.

That being said, it's all worth the effort. The journey itself to As Hoved is an experience in itself. You follow a beautiful avenue from Palsgaard Castle to the forested peninsula. Here, deer, hares, pheasants, and birds are often spotted in large numbers. During the dark hours, badgers and owls are also frequently seen.


About the Fishing

As Hoved comprises several good spots on the narrow peninsula. The entire peninsula is interesting fishing terrain, and you can easily spend a lot of time here exploring varied seabeds. As Hoved itself consists of many large stones with a couple of long reefs. Sea trout often pass by here in schools, and the fishing action can go from 0 to 100 in a few minutes. Both spinning and fly fishing work really well here. As the spot is popular, remember to show respect for your fellow anglers.

The spot is interesting year-round but yields the best results from spring to autumn when sea trout are in season. During the garfish season from April to August, there is plenty of activity. The shallow areas on both sides of the reef are preferred during this time.

If one particular place at As Hoved were to be recommended, we would point to Guldstavn, a reef where the landscape turns on the north side of the peninsula.


Getting There

Let's be honest – you'll need to put in a bit of effort to fish at As Hoved, but we guarantee you'll have a beautiful natural experience. Set your GPS to Palsgaard Castle Park near the village of Hosby. Here, you can park at the public parking lot on the side of the road on Palsgaardvej. Then, follow the avenue through the farmland to the forest. Essentially, you just keep going straight until you reach the water. From there, you can turn right to reach the tip of the headland or left to reach Guldstavn.


Fishing at Palsgaard Beach

Further west along the south coast of As Hoved lies Palsgaard Beach and Fruens Badehus. Fruens Badehus is a spot that requires a bit of legwork before it can be fished. This stretch consists of a very deep bathtub close to the shore. It provides optimal conditions for anglers when the water warms up slightly in the cold period. Prey items emerge, and the stretch can offer a true sea trout paradise.

The bottom conditions are a mix of seaweed belts, stones, and eelgrass. If you fish to the right, there's a small point with some large stones. Like many other points, this one can hold really large fish at times. On both sides of the point, you'll find areas with a leopard bottom, where sea trout can be found in large numbers at times. The stretch towards Bøgehovedet consists of a large bay where some water needs to be fished to find the fish.

During the summer period, the water is always a bit cooler in this stretch due to the deep water close to the shore. Here, sea trout can be caught round the clock using long sandeel lures fished quickly on the surface. This spot can handle wind from all directions except east winds.

From As Hoved, you can follow the beach south to reach Palsgaard Beach. From the parking lot, follow the road and take the second dirt road on the right-hand side. This leads down to the water and the bathing house.

The bathing house is private property. Therefore, fish a bit away from the house.


Other Fishing Spots in the Area

On this page about coastal fishing in Kystlandet, you can find inspiration for your next catch along the Jutlandic east coast.


Need the Right Fishing Gear?

Effektlageret is the local area's largest provider of fishing equipment. In addition to a large webshop, Effektlageret has a physical store in Horsens with a wide selection for all types of fishing.