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Inshore fishing - King Fredrik IV's Bridge

Summer and autumn provide opportunities for angling perch, eel and flounder. There is also a chance of sea trout. Perch and trout often shelter from the current behind the bridge piers. August and September is the absolute peak season for large brackish water perch.

Perch, eel, flounder, sea trout.

Fishing area:
There is some current, north - or southbound, which is desirable for both perch and trout fishing. Fishing can be disturbed by floating seaweed.

A good bait for the perch is a live shrimp hooked with a single hook in the second part of the tail. Shrimp can be used as bait with floats or bottom fishing rigs. Waders are not necessary.

Weather conditions:
Wind along the strait and strong currents can complicate fishing.