Ishøj Church

Foto: Ishøj Turistbureau

Ishøj Bygade 83A

2635 Ishøj


Telefoon:43 54 73 00

Ishøj Church is a typical village church, built c. 1100.
The pulpit, carved pews and the oldest bell date back from the Reformation period in 1620.

A very rare find was made in 1970 during restoration when a floor of glazed, delicately decorated medieval tiles were uncovered with substantial remains of an even older floor.

One of the floor patterns - lilies, hearts and a bird - is today used as logo for Ishøj Parish.

A replica of this tile has been built into the foundation stone for Vejleå church, providing
a link between the past and the present.


Ishøj Bygade 83A

2635 Ishøj


Village church

By appointment only

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