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Per Kirkeby art in Aars

Explore the works of the world-renowned artist Per Kirkeby.

Per Kirkeby plays a significant role in the recent history of Aars city. As the creator of numerous artworks for Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium and various large projects in Aars, he has left an unusual mark on the city.

The Vesthimmerlands Museum is one of Per Kirkeby's architectural masterpieces, and now it is possible to visit a newly established tourist information center here. This center provides information through posters, models, and film clips about Per Kirkeby's work and contributions to Aars. Thus, the city has gained a long-awaited information hub regarding the world-renowned artist's paintings as well as his sculptural and architectural works in the city. For booking guided tours, please contact Vesthimmerlands Museum at mail@vmus.dk or by phone at +45 98 62 35 77 to inquire about the possibilities.

At Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium, he has created several works, including an observatory behind the school. Per Kirkeby was also responsible for the extension of Vesthimmerlands Museum in 1999 and Vesthimmerlands Music House in 2008. The extension of Vesthimmerlands Museum is a fascinating architectural structure that resembles Thor's hammer.


Per Kirkeby's Works

The Wall at Kimbrertorvet

Originally, there was supposed to be only a parking lot surrounded by a granite wall. However, the local art committee, in collaboration with Per Kirkeby, had a better idea: to create a kind of staircase where people could sit and watch theater performances.

As a result, the project to build a granite wall was halted, and instead, these "walled rooms" with stairs were constructed. The wall also solved an architectural problem. The large, tall, red building further down the street now blends more harmoniously into the cityscape. There used to be an issue with two levels and a significant height difference; now there is a gentler transition between the two squares through the staircase instead of a wall.

Today, Kimbrertorvet presents itself with its vertical delineation due to Kirkeby's staircase and red portals, as well as its beautiful ornamentation, as a good example of a town square that is both beautiful and has become the central square of the city where numerous cultural activities take place throughout the year.

Astronomical Observatory and Sculpture Garden (the roof of the observatory was made by Per Stenild)

The observatory was the next project to come to Aars Gymnasium when they received the offer to acquire an astronomical telescope from Watchmaker N.H. Børtel - Christensen from Haverslev. He was himself an avid amateur astronomer and used this telescope from his own observatory. Per Kirkeby designed the observatory as it stands today.

The dome of the observatory was made by Peter Stenild (Caretaker at the gymnasium) himself to save money. A fiberglass dome would have cost 100,000 DKK, and there were financial constraints, so Peter Stenild promised to make it himself. Peter Stenild spent a winter making the dome, which can rotate and open.