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Kornerup Stream

Kornerup Stream originates to the east of Lejre, cutting through a deep, narrow valley, running through the lakes of Kornerup Sø, Buesø, Svogerslev Sø, Lille Kattinge Sø and Store Kattinge Sø and past the hamlet of Kornerup, before flowing into the inlet of Kattinge Vig at the bottom of Roskilde Fjord.

The landscape of Kornerup valley features meadows, grasslands, marshlands and bogs, woodlands and scrub, as well as a variety of trees. It offers a large biodiversity of protected orchids, marsh orchids and local plants, including yellow meadow rue, great yellowcress and marsh fleawort.  

The lakes of Kornerup Sø, Buesø and Svogerslev Sø are home to a rich variety of fish, including roach, bream, perch, ruffe, pike-perch, rudd, belica, pike, eel, carp, tench and crucian carp.

NOTE! The cable ferry is closed for the moment - august 2015

Cable ferry across Kornerup Stream
In 2012, a cable ferry was installed across Kornerup Stream to link the municipalities of Lejre and Roskilde. The cable ferry is part of the Skjoldungelandet national park project. Dogs are not allowed on the cable ferry due to the sheep and cattle at Hesselbbjerggaard. There are plenty of attractions to be found on both sides of the river. At Hesselbjerggaard there is a bench offering a wonderful panorama of Lille Kattinge lake, Roskilde Cathedral and the Kornerup river valley. From the Roskilde river bank you can proceed along the Skjoldunge paths towards Roskilde, Svogerselv, Lejre and Osted. A hiking map of the Skjoldunge paths is available from the tourist information office or can be downloaded here.

Getting to the cable ferry:

By public transport:
Take bus 201A to the bus stop "Svogerslev, Søbredden". Cross the road and follow the Skjoldunge path towards the west, walking northwards at the T junction at the lake Svogerslev Sø. The distance from the bus stop to the ferry is about 1 km and there can be long, wet grass along the path.

By car:
Drive to Hesselbjerggaard (Buesøvej 12, 4000 Roskilde) and leave the car in the designated car park. Follow the path around Hesselbjerg to the cable ferry. The distance from the car park to the cable ferry is about 600 m along the path and pastures with livestock.

By bike:
Leave your bike at Hesselbjerggaard (on the Lejre side) or at the T junction at the lake Svogerslev Sø (on the Roskilde side) and walk the final stretch to the cable ferry.

On foot:
Follow the Skjoldunge path from Lejre or Roskilde towards the lake Svogerslev Sø. Take the path, walking northwards at the T junction east of Svogerslev lake towards the cable ferry.

Map of cable ferry location