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The Limfjord Caminoen - Fur, Glyngøre, Mors

Take the Limfjordscamino and let yourself be enchanted by nature and tranquility. On this journey, you can experience the scenic Fur, the delightful Glyngøre, and, not least, Mors.

The trip covers a total of 53 kilometers with daily stages of 17-18 kilometers, providing ample opportunity to enjoy the tranquility, nature, and explore the islands and numerous experiences.

During the journey, you will stay overnight at Fur Færgekro and Glyngøre Camping. Both places include breakfast, as well as bed linen and towels.

Please note that you are responsible for transporting your own luggage along the route, so we recommend packing light.

For more information

Visit their website at Limfjordsoplevelser.dk