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The Living Room

In the heart of downtown Copenhagen you will find the Copenhageners' shared living room with comfy couches and a nice fireplace.

The Living Room definitely lives up to its name. The place is filled with cosy armchairs with footrests, soft couches, blankets and pillows. This setting calls for lounging.

Here you can order different kinds of hot drinks like coffee, chai latte and a wide variety of tea. You can also buy sweet treats like cake and cookies, and you can buy beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Three split levels

The Living Room is divided on three different levels and you can sit and enjoy your coffee on each of them. The most pleasant is certainly the basement, from which the cafe gets its name.  

The lowest level at The Living Room is reminiscent of a cave in a very good way. Comfortable leather couches and chairs fill the room, while the glowing candles on the small wooden tables create a intimate and cosy atmosphere.

The Living Room is especially popular on a cold winters day - when the frost is particularly biting, the fireplace in the basement will warm you right up.