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Lønstrup shop

Lønstrup Tourist Office has combined tourist information and a tourist shop with many delicious goods - It is open all year.

Lønstrupshop sells Lønstrupp posters, cards, clothes and other merchandise.

Lønstruppigerne, which started on the cover of the annual Lønstrup guide, was the focal point for creating loenstrupshop.dk. The store also has a large selection of quality tees and hoodies with payslip motifs.

Throughout the season, the store has a small selection of seasonal items and locally produced items.

The physical store in Lønstrup is characterized by the combination with the beautiful Lønstrup products, the original art that forms the foundation for the annual art posters, and of course the beautiful graphic motifs on cards and posters.

Always online: www.loenstrupshop.dk

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