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Lyngby Church

Lyngby Kirke is the largest Limestone churches in the area near Grenaa. Today, the church has many Gothic elements. Both tower and porch have crenelated end walls, and the choir is the same height and width as the ship. 

The church has Romanesque elements which show that the original church dates back to around the year 1200.

The legend of how the church came about says that a woman of nobility let the church be erected. In the meantime, her sister, who was jealous of this honorable task, vowed that she would surround the church with a wall, which would cost more than the church itself. so said so done. She built a wall surrounding the cemetery of such great dimensions, the cost of the wall came just above the cost of the church, but only barely.

whether the legend is true or not, the church is there and if one doubts that a wall was more expensive than the church, one should keep in mind that the original church was much smaller and it did not have a porch, tower, or sacristy, and it was not as tall as it is now, similarly, the choir used to be shorter more narrow than the ship.

Lyngby Kirke's latest renovation took place in 1997. At this time, the old door between the choir and the old sacristy was opened. The sacristy which now functions both as a chapel and sacristy.

Opening hours between 8-16, or the key can be borrowed from the rectory at Lyngbyvej 90.