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Lyshøj Mølle

Lyshøj Mill, located in the scenic Havndal area north of Randers, is an iconic landmark dating back to 1894. Its name comes from the nearby burial mound, Lushøj, which adds a historical flavour to the mill's surroundings.

A historical landmark in Havndal

Lyshøj Mill has a fascinating history characterised by several building destructions. Originally it started as a co-operative mill and was owned by a large number of locals, including the parish priest, veterinarian, farmers and even a musician.

After being bought privately, the mill underwent an extensive renovation, but a violent storm took its blades and shavings with it. Fortunately, local enthusiasts stepped in and with their help, Lyshøj Mølle was saved from decay.

Today, the mill is an independent institution with ongoing restoration and development projects. The local community has formed the support organisation ‘Friends of Lyshøj Mill’, which counts around 270 dedicated members who contribute financial support and volunteer work to the mill's preservation.

Future visions for the mill

Lyshøj Mill aims to become a living museum that conveys the mill's rich history and gives visitors an authentic journey back in time to the mill's past. The volunteer mill builders work hard every Thursday, but always have time to share their passion and knowledge with those interested in following the mill's renovation process.

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