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Maribo Miniature Town

Fancy seeing Maribo from above? Enjoy the view of many of the town's historic houses in miniature format in Minibyen in Maribo, where you'll find the old town centre including Maribo Cathedral recreated in minute detail.

In the Mini City you can experience almost 100 buildings from Maribo's old town as it looked in the years 1850 to 1900.

All the houses are built in a 1:10 ratio using the same materials as the original buildings, i.e. mini bricks, tiles, oak woodwork, etc. by skilled - and patient - mini masons.

The biggest task these years is the construction of Maribo Cathedral. It takes 8-10 years for the mini masons to recreate the cathedral. More than 100,000 monk stones and 50,000 roof tiles are produced for the construction. The construction takes place in a large covered building and the work can be followed during a visit to the mini city exhibition.

All work and maintenance of the houses takes place at the Mini City workshop, located in a separate building, where volunteer "mini-masons" make everything from bricks and roof tiles to doors and windows to exact measurements by hand.

Read more about the houses and see opening hours on the Mini City website.