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Join us on an unforgettable ride on Puck Maxi with Hedevang Outdoor with fox tail and green milk box. It's max nostalgia, Experience Thyborøn, Lemvig and Struer! Ride with VLTJ, try seal safaris, oyster safaris, rappelling, beer tasting and wilderness baths and more. Jens Hedevang Nielsen is nature supervisor and started in 2015 Hedevang Outdoor.

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Hedevang Outdoor has one of the country's largest collections of the iconic Puch Maxi - and you can use them for your next trip or event in West Jutland!

West Jutland and Puch Maxi belong together. That's why we mainly make trips to cities that smell of fish like Lidenlund (Lemvig) or just to a "sillertur" (West Jutland to cruise around at low speed for no other purpose than to enjoy oneself). The tours are of course organized in collaboration with the many players in the area.

A full-day “Maxi event” is adapted to your wishes and budget. See a few examples of the Maxi event below:

Tour 1
With VLTJ from Lemvig to Thyborøn
Tour of Thyborøn on Maxi
Trout beer and dry fish on the "Canal"
Seal safari with Jutland Aquarium
Fishing buffet in Æ Red Hall
Home with VLTJ

Tour 2
Maxi tour of Lemvig
Rappelling on the old railway bridge
Fishing buffet at Bjarnes Fisk
Beer tasting in the wilderness bath at Nissum Håndbryg
Return to Lemvig by taxi

Tour 3
With Maxi from Struer Harbor
Oyster safari at Oddesund
At Maxi to Tambohuse inn for dinner and overnight
Return to Struer by taxi the following day

Contact us if you have special requests.

Jens Hedevang Nielsen is ranger and started in 2015 Hedevang Outdoor, and he has worked as a nature supervisor for many years.


7620 Lemvig


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