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Melissa Clark Nielsen - Painter

Melissa Clark Nielsen's works feature nature and constructions executed with an incredible level of detail

Simple Motifs and Complex Detail

Clark Nielsen draws her inspiration from her immediate surroundings and has a particular penchant for rendering textures and surfaces with great precision. Her works are characterised by a simple yet interesting cropping that makes each piece unique and compelling. Nature and architectural constructions are executed with an incredibly high level of detail and are completed with a precise black fineliner ink and a single coloured element.


Melissa Clark Nielsen is an American-born architect and visual artist living in Denmark. Born in Chicago in 1964 and trained as a structural engineer in Copenhagen and architect at the University of Florida, her background spans both technical precision and artistic expression. Growing up in Oak Park, Illinois, home of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Home and Studio, has had a profound impact on Clark Nielsen's love of drawing and her choice of field of study. This architectural background is evident in her artwork, where structure and form play a central role.

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