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Møller's Microbakery

With Møller's micro bakery, we want to create an experience of good baked goods made from good, local ingredients.

For us, bread is not just bread. Bread is created over time, from scratch and with passion and flavourful ingredients, with a sustainable mindset and less food waste, we also take care of the planet.

Our small family-run micro bakery started in Copenhagen on a cargo bike and has now landed here in West Jutland in a new form. We bake for events and corporate functions, host masterclasses in sourdough baking and invite you to long table dinners, and you can swing by every Saturday between 8.30am and 2pm for delicious bread, ice cream and quality coffee all summer long.

It's important to us that our bread is as traceable and transparent as possible to give our customers an authentic experience. We can't wait to get back into sourdough baking, meeting customers, tourists and the local community in a different way. We believe we can create a sustainable business and at the same time reconcile it with the family life we want, where we have time with our children, especially while they are young, and for each other.