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Morsø Jernstøberi

The new black since 1853

When, in 1853, Niels Andreas Christensen (N.A Christensen) founded the foundry business, Morsø Jernstøberi, the product range comprised a wealth of different products – from stable windows, memorial crosses and tools to pots and pans. It was not till the turn of the century that Morsø began to manufacture and deliver stoves and heaters for schools, churches, the State Railways, the ministries and – not least – the Royal Household. This truly put Morsø on the map and, in 1915, the foundry was granted the much coveted royal warrant as supplier to the Royal House of Denmark.

A particular warm feeling of comfort
When, during the 50s, the heating stoves were replaced by central heating, this instead made room for the woodburning stoves as we know them today. Other than producing heat, the woodburners of today are also synonymous with the provision of a cosy atmosphere for homes across the world and, for many years, they also provided the foundation for Morsø as a global design business.

An educational journey

In 2012, Morsø launched the Italian-inspired pizza oven, the Morsø Forno, which became a milestone in Morsø's journey from being best known as a ”woodburner manufacturer” to being a sterling lifestyle trademark of a coherent concept that provides a scenery of new life, new opportunities and experiences on terraces, in gardens and patios. In tandem with this, Morsø launched an entirely new series of design products comprising kitchenware, vases and candleholders which together with the outdoor collection present the picture of Morsø as we know it today. In recent years, Morsø has made giant strides on its journey, for instance via products such as Forno gas, the electric grill, Morsø Balcone, and the Morsø Vulcano Wok Burner.