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The mountain bike trail in Odder

A bit north of the center of Odder lies the small Bisgaardskoven Forest, where you'll find a short but compact and challenging singletrack trail. The narrow, winding route offers technical challenges and utilizes the terrain effectively.

Fun Trail Near the Center of Odder

Odder is surrounded by smaller forests, and it's quite natural that the advantageous landscape and the city's cycling culture have been utilized to create a trail in Bisgaardskoven Forest, where mountain bikers can let loose. The new blue trail is 2.2 kilometers long with a 100-meter ascent and descent. If you have the energy, you can ride multiple rounds – it's a fun route with several technical challenges, and it can easily be repeated several times.

Bisgaardskoven Forest isn't large, and the trail is laid out in a small area, but the terrain is exceptionally well-utilized for the technical route. Despite its technical nature, it's accessible to riders of all skill levels. The trail is marked as blue, meaning it's recommended for mountain bikers with basic skills. There are only moderate inclines and no jumps, drops, or holes that could be dangerous for beginners.


Here's where you'll find the trail

Drive to Skovdalsvej in the northern part of Odder, heading towards the recycling facility. Just west of the recycling facility, on the north side of the road, a path leads into Bisgaardskoven. This marks the beginning of the trail. From here, follow the blue arrows along the one-way trail. At the starting point, you'll also find an information board, and the trail is generally well signposted.

The trail is accessible during daylight hours, but please note that it is closed in the month of May, which is the breeding season for deer, badgers, and other animals in the forest.


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