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MTB in Uhrehøje

Do you want to experience nature in Himmerland in a fun and different way? Then join us on a MTB trip in Uhrehøje plantation!

If you're into MTB and looking for both speed and challenge, the Uhrehøje Plantage mountainbike trail is the right choice for you.

The exciting trail winds through varied terrain and surfaces. On the blue route, it's possible to skip the toughest loops, making it accessible to all. Just follow the blue markings where the trail forks to avoid the difficult sections. However, if you're up for the challenge, follow the red loops for the experienced, while the black loops are for experts.

The blue route is approximately 10 km long with 120 meters of elevation gain, while the entire trail including all red and black loops is about 15 km long with 230 meters of elevation gain.



You can choose to park at the large public parking lot located at Farsøvej 95. There are toilet facilities behind the large climbing tower and a water tap below the shelter area. Opposite the parking lot, there is also a technical course.

When you're ready to hop on your bike, simply follow the road to the right of the parking lot and you'll arrive directly at the MTB trail after about 100 meters.


Want to bike with others?

The Uhrehøje MTB Club has group training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM and Sundays at 10:00 AM - year-round (with very few exceptions). The meeting point is at the old waterworks, Fragtrupvej, 9640 Farsø. Google Maps link here.

Note: There is no water or toilets available here.

Everyone is welcome on these training days - including "non-members". It's advisable to follow the club's Facebook page, where quick responses and assistance are often available.


Beautiful Nature

In addition to marked MTB and hiking trails, the Uhrehøje Plantage is also rich in beautiful nature and historical sites, including 20 protected burial mounds and a medieval church.

Find more information about the trail and overview map here.