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Nature Camp at the Lovns peninsula

Louns peninsula
Located in the preserved part of the peninsula Louns with a view of the Limfiord. You can easily watch whether or not the ferry to Salling is on-time.

Shelter spots: Three
NO room for tents
Toilet: Yes
Bar-b-que sites: Yes
Water: No
Access from the water: No
Can dogs on a leach be brought along: Yes
Can you bring horses: No
Possible to shower: No

Strollers: No
Wheelchairs: No
Wheelchair with assistant: No
People with walking disabilities: No
People with lowered sight: No
Toilet for the disabled: No

The site is located 4 km. From Hvalpsund near cycling route 29 – there are signs posted from the cycling route.
There are four marked hiking trails from “Udestuen”. The trails are very different – from a small exciting forest through the dense juniper berry scrubs to the outskirts where many animals graze.
There are tables and benches in “Udestuen” so you do not have to worry about eating in the rain.