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Naturrum Thyborøn - Climbing bunkers

An experience space in nature.

In addition to the bunkers where you can challenge yourself to climb, you will also find a playground, cube, viewing platform, a "fox pit"with a network of passages and exits, campfire site, picnic area, hiking trails and living bunkers, where you can spend the night in your hammock.

Naturrum Thyborøn offers an experience for young and old with climbing on the bunkers, playing and tumbling in the sand, relaxation, walks and immersion in the area's treasures.

The elements such as Naturrummet are made up of materials from the area: wood, stone, concrete and steel, which are already known in the harsh environment.

Naturrum Thyborøn starts at the parking lot at the south end of Vesterhavsgade. Follow the signs.

From the bike path you can walk approx. 100 m down to the campfire site which is hidden to the left.

There is a covered rest area with tables and benches as well as and toilet.

Above the dike is the playground, viewing platform overlooking the North Sea and an excavated bunker for overnight stays.

Hiking trails

There are two hiking routes of 4 km and 11 km. During the hike, information boards tell about the nature and culture of the area.

The long route of 11 km passes a bird sanctuary where you can observe swimming birds, waders and birds of prey.