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Nørregårdsminde motorhome parking

Stay at the coziest Farm Camp and get up close with the animals.

This is a farm campsite for motorhomes or caravans, and there is also an option for tent camping. the grounds can accommodate up to 3 overnight units. It operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Departure before 12:00.

There is access to basic toilet facilities.

the campsite does not provide water and electricity or any form of waste disposal.

(If you need water or waste disposal, the recommendation is to stop by Svendborg harbor before you visit)

Tents may be set up in the grassy area to the right of the stalls.

Nørregåardsminde Farm

Nørregårdsminde is an idyllic spot in the middle of Tåsinge. An excursion spot where you can bring your picnic basket and enjoy nature up close. There is a playground with a trampoline, tables and benches, and the possibility to make a bonfire.

Here, there are sheep, lambs, dwarf goats, chickens, pet rabbits, cats, and two little chubby pigs named Grisling and Grynte.

The loveliest playground on Tåsinge

Come and play on the wonderful playground where you can climb on the play structure, swing, ride on various vehicles with bread-motor engines, and bounce on the trampoline. Meanwhile, mom and dad can sit and enjoy the sun.


Animal feed is sold in BIXEN on the farm.

Rabbits and sheep can be hand-fed. There is an opportunity to cuddle with the rabbits inside their cages.

Feel free to take a walk among our sheep and goats.

Your own delicious picnic baskets can be enjoyed on your own blankets or at the provided table-bench sets.

It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to give the farm animals any form of outside food/greens, according to the regulations of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. (Violation may result in expulsion).