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Nr. 2C – Coffee, bar, & wine bar in Løgstør

In Torvegade, Nr. 2C Coffee, Bar, and Wine Room is the cozy meeting place of Muslingebyen. Here, the focus is on coziness and community, with regular events and live music being held.

Nr. 2C – Løgstør “Where good people are, good people come”

In Torvegade, Nr. 2C Coffee, Bar, and Wine Room is the cozy meeting place of Muslingebyen. Here, a wide selection of both hot and cold drinks, with and without alcohol, is served. So whether you are in the mood for a good glass of wine, an ice-cold draft beer, a fancy drink, or a good cappuccino, Nr. 2C is the place to visit.

Whether you sit outside or inside in the lovely, newly renovated, and smoke-free premises, you will always find a cozy atmosphere.

Owned by 178 shareholders

Behind this cozy place lies a story of local initiative, community, and commitment. In March 2023, the place closed down after the former owners had unsuccessfully tried to sell it. The prospect of yet another empty business premises in the city center, along with the desire to preserve their cozy meeting place, led a group of local citizens to initiate a reopening. A deal was quickly negotiated regarding the purchase of the inventory, after which a major renovation began. Two months after the closure, the place could again open its doors to guests. Alongside the renovation, shares were offered, and the support for the place was enormous. Today, there are 178 shareholders, making it truly locally rooted.

Live music and a wealth of events.

Nr. 2C invites you to a wealth of events throughout the year. Every month there is live music, as well as rum and wine tastings, eel feasts, poetry slams, and much more. Nr. 2C also shows major sporting events such as the finals in handball and football as well as the summer’s Tour de France, all spiced with cozy competitions and a good atmosphere.

Nr. 2C is the city’s pub and a guarantee of coziness and community. Or as the place’s motto says, “Where good people are, good people come."