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Nylandsmølle is a 153-year-old mill which was renovated in 2019. The mill is now a nature base, a spot to enjoy a packed lunch, a lookout tower and a rest spot for hikers, cyclists, hunters, bird watchers and especially schoolchildren.

It is located on a dike next to Dybsø Fjord, on a private dirt road on Nashøjvej between Basnæs and the forest Vejlø Skov. It has an amazing view across the nature reserve in Dybsø Fjord, where you can enjoy wonderful bird life all year round. You can eat your packed lunch both indoors and outdoors. There are outdoor tables andbenches and a fire pit.

Nylandsmølle was once a very special mill; it was a windpump mill that helped to recover Nylandsmosen as arable land and ensure that floodwaters were kept back. The area was Denmark’s first reclaimed fjord area in the 1800s. In time, the intent is to establish a permanent exhibition there about the history of the mill, the area’s wildlife and its cultural history.

After the mill was shut down, it was converted into a holiday cottage, which is also why it has neither sails nor a top. The mill had fallen into a state of disrepair over the years but was renovated with the help of Realdania, the Danish Outdoor Council, Næstved Municipality and Gavnø Estate.