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The Old Shipyard

The old shipyard is a communicator of maritime cultural heritage and Danish artisan traditions. 

The old shipyard – The archipelago restoration centre in Ærøskøbing

In live workshops visitors can get close to history and even get dirty fingers.

In the forge, you will be carefully guided in grappling with red-hot iron, in the copper workshop you may forge a bracelet, at the rigging loft you can lay a rope, twine your own key ring an do various sailors’ jobs. You can pat a fish and schools and institutions may also slaughter a fish and take it along home for the dinner table.

Exhibition and experience are put together to give you ample opportunity of immersion and involvement. The main emphasis is on the processes around the old riveted iron an steel ships. This kind of ship preservation is found nowhere else in Denmark. The vessel, Angelo ex S/S Svendborgsund is on the building berth. The renovation which is part of the exhibition is up and running. The aim is that the S/S Svendborgsund will be renovated and restored to appear as she did a hundred years ago. At that time the S/S Svendborgsund operated as a passanger ship plying the Marstal – Rudkøbing – Strynø route.

Both experiences and exhibitions at The Old Shipyard are constantly evolving and changing. We are currently engaged in restoration jobs. Sometimes we take on old iron constructions for buildings, or over 100-year-old ship’s accommodation, or we work for museums or for ptivate people.

We look forward to seeing you and giving you experiences to remember.