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Optiker Finn Ravn

At Optician Finn Ravn, you will experience a good atmosphere, high professionalism among their opticians and staff, all of whom are passionate about finding the best solution for you.

Svendborg is a city that has something for every taste, and it's the same at Optician Finn Ravn in Gerritsgade.

Their selection of frames ranges widely from well-known Danish brands to international ones, while offering a variety of shapes and styles in all their frames. So, there is definitely a frame that will suit you as well.

If you prefer contact lenses, they have a contact lens clinic where their skilled contact lens specialists are ready to check your eyes and find the perfect lenses for you.

In their workshop, they have the ability to hand-grind lenses and perform intricate repairs, which they are very proud to offer in their store.

They are a team that values their camaraderie, so you will also feel it when you visit their store. This makes them down-to-earth and able to be present with you, so you feel seen during your visit to Optician Finn Ravn.