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The park at the PRISON in Horsens

Around the PRISON, the former Horsens State Prison, there are large green areas that simply invite you to use them. The park is widely used for hiking, playing, dog walking, and games, as well as for holding events. Why not combine a museum visit with relaxation in the park?


A green oasis just outside the walls

The PRISON in Horsens has transformed from being a high-security prison for hardened criminals into one of Denmark's major cultural institutions. Now that the walls no longer need to provide security and keep people locked up, the grounds can be used as recreational spaces for the city's residents and visitors.

Throughout the park, there are tables and benches that can be freely used, for example, for enjoying packed meals or refreshments purchased from the PRISON's cafe, Brasseriet FÆNGSLET.


Take a stroll on the "tusindmeterstien" (the thousand-meter trail)

1-2-3-4... You can count for yourself, but the new hiking trail that goes around the PRISON, through the park, is precisely 1 kilometer long. Along the way, you will pass the park's football golf course, the playground "Den Store Flugt" (The Great Escape), which is a fun mini-version of the PRISON, and escape rooms. In other words, there is a nice selection of various activities - and we haven't even mentioned the main attraction inside the walls yet.


A unique venue for many events

Fængselsparken (The Prison Park) is occasionally used for larger events at the PRISON. Especially during the summer period, you can experience everything from concerts with international stars to festivals and activities for both adults and children.

One of the major draws is the Horsens Medieval Festival, which takes over the entire park annually. During the festival, the place is filled with knights, maidens, jugglers, merchants, and food stalls. Throughout the weekend, there are activities, theater performances, medieval meals, and beautiful music.

The inner courtyard is often used for events such as markets and music festivals. You can get an overview of upcoming events on the PRISON's website.


Take a look inside

When you pass through the gate to the inner courtyard, you will find the PRISON's café and reception, where you can buy tickets to The Prison Museum. The museum is Horsens' biggest attraction and the largest of its kind in Europe. A visit here is a must when you are in Horsens.

You also have the opportunity to stay overnight at the PRISON. The old prison's hospital ward has been converted into a unique and authentic hostel named SleepIn.


Plenty of parking options

There are plenty of parking spaces at the premises, and parking is free. Charging stations for electric cars and disabled parking are also available on the east side of the building.

The park is easily accessible for wheelchair users and people with physical disabilities. The walking path, "tusindmeterstien", has been made accessible, and some tables/benches have been adapted as well.

During the reception's opening hours, their restroom can be used, and there is also an open restroom building on the western corner of the park.