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Parking in Middelfart

Parking in Middelfart town center

There are plenty of parking spaces in Middelfart town centre with free time-limited parking.
REMEMBER Use of windscreen parking disc is mandatory.

Long stay parking:
Parking is free at the multi-storey car park and Søndergade South. Parking disc is not mandatory at these locations. The multi-storey car park has specific regulations. Please read the following.

Multi-story car park
Located at the end of Havnegade near KulturØen and the new town centre.
Parking in the multi-storey car park is free and a parking disc is not required in the following areas/decks:

Parking spaces behind the multi-storey car park, decks 1 and 4 and the roof deck
are free to use and do not require a parking disc. However, some of the spaces may belong to Middelfart Municipality so special rules apply (see the sign)

Parking on Decks 2 and 3
Reserved for Middelfart Sparekasse so special rules apply to these spaces – see the sign on the ramp. Parking disc required! Rules and conditions appear on signs in this area – see photo

Parking spaces for DSB train passengers
Jernbanegade (behind Middelfart Midtpunkt)
Parking permit required every day 00.00 - 24.00
Parking only for train passengers with a valid parking ticket.
Cars without a parking ticket or cars parked in violation of regulations may be charged a control fee.
A parking ticket must be obtained from the ticket machine in the station lobby.
You must place the parking ticket so it is visible on the right side of the car's windscreen.
Parking is at your own risk

Commuter Parking
Middelfart Stationsvej 34 (regulations are on the sign at the entrance)

Bus/coach parking
On Kongebrovejen at the forest just after Clay.
At the rest area on Jyllandsvej.
On Færøvej at Lillebæltshallerne.
On Fynsvej along the road.