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The Planet Path

Put on the good walking shoes and throw the smallest in the family in a pushchair and you are ready to go. The whole trip is 12 km long when you follow the marked paths - and then you have to go back again; but luckily you can settle for walking a shorter distance and still experience something. It is just under 1.5 km to Saturn on Vinkelhage, and about 4.5 km to Neptun on Gjellerodde.The tour begins at Solen, which stands in the bend in Vesterbjerg above the Lemvig Museum. It is a large bronze sphere which, like all the planets – and the distance between them – has been reduced one billion times compared to reality. In Planetstien's scale, this means that every time you have taken a step of 1 meter, it corresponds to 1 million kilometers in the real sky.
Hiking on Denmark's longest and oldest Planet trail