The planet path in Hvidovre

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Natural areas

Åmarken S-station

2650 Hvidovre


Planetstien (the Planet Path) in Hvidovre
Take a trip in the solar system – a six km walk in beautiful nature with a rich fauna.

You may see froghoppers, grass snakes, kestrels and sparrow hawks. Also, you may watch the planets stretching from the Sun on the Mountain to Pluto in Mågeparken (Gulls' Park). The path starts at Amarken Station where you will find toilets. You may also enter from Hvidovre Harbour.

The path is laid out in Kystagerparken, a large grass area in the eastern part of Hvidovre.

See map of Planetstien here


Åmarken S-station

2650 Hvidovre


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