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Pomle Nakke Restaurant

High up on the cliff, facing the sea, sits the traditional local restaurant Pomle Nakke, serving Danish delicacies with the most beautiful views.

The menu at Pomle Nakke challenges the taste experience in a menu that twists the usual classic flavours. The love of food and wine is palpable, and the restaurant prefers to use organic and local ingredients from Falster's lush larder.

The farm is located almost 30 kilometres from the Farø Bridge in the middle of the quiet tranquillity of the forest and with a view of the Baltic Sea. The sound of the sea and the peace of the forest create a unique atmosphere in the small restaurant, creating a unique setting for a good lunch, a cosy evening or just a visit for coffee cake, a glass of wine and a snack.

Below the restaurant there are good swimming opportunities, and 800 metres away is the harbour town of Hesnæs with a bakery, pastry shop and dining hall - it's also worth a visit.

Service dog allowed and dogs are welcome on the terrace.