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Prison and Legal History Museum, Vestervig

Thinghuset in Vestervig, Thy, a unique attraction.

The small prison in Vestervig has been resurrected as a museum and here you can spend some time behind bars - in peace and quiet, just like in the old days.
The place is exciting to visit for both children and adults.

Thinghuset was built in 1833 with prison cells, a courtroom and accommodation for the custody officer. The prison operated until 1949 and has remained largely untouched since then. In the Thinghuset there is a permanent exhibition of original furniture and objects from a bygone era.
There are also alternating exhibitions of old crafts and local history. And even a small school exhibition.

In 2023 there will be a special exhibition on the history of the Agger Shipyard.

The museum is run by volunteers from the Vestervig Craftsmen and Citizens' Association.

There is a small shop where you can buy local craft products, coffee with homemade cake or a refreshment.

Admission 30 kr. Children under: 14 years free of charge.
Admission including coffee and homemade cake or a refreshment only 50 kr. Groups are welcome.

Vestervig is an exciting green and authentic historical town. Don't miss a walk around the town or out into the countryside. Route maps can be picked up at stands around town or at Thinghuset, which also serves as a small local "tourist office". The volunteer museum guards are always ready with information or stories from the town.

We try to stay open as much as possible, but if you plan to drive a long way, call ahead on 2874040600 - 30489859 - 40531299 - 20330695.

Open in May and June Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 13:00 - 16:00 + throughout Pentecost.

You can also look at our Facebook page: Thinghuset i Vestervig or on the website www.vestervig.net - Thinghuset.