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Restaurant Tiende og Den Fede Drue

At Restaurant Tiende and Den Fede Drue on Aarhus Ø, you can look forward to food and wine of the highest quality in comfortable surroundings.

Food with a view

As the name suggests, Restaurant Tiende is located on the 10th floor of Nicolinehus on Aarhus Ø. You get a fantastic view of Aarhus and Marselisborg Marina while enjoying delicious gastronomic dishes.

Wine- & Cocktail bar

Restaurant Tiende also offers various wines and cocktails. Catch up on more than 3200 different wines. With their online wine list you can easily search for your favourite types, districts and grapes. Their sommelier is always ready to guide you if you get lost among the many wines.

See the online wine list here.

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