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Ret og Vrang

Visit 'Ret & Vrang' which is a lovely little store in the middle of Hirtshals. Here you can buy yarn, patchwork fabric and hobby tools. They also sell underwear and bathing suits. 


A lovely store in the middle of Hirtshals, where you can buy yarn, patchwork fabric and hobby tools.

“Ret og Vrang” is a store which has been in Hirtshals since 1991. Back in those days the store sold mostly fabrics because it was very trendy to create homemade creations to decorate the homes with.

In 2008 the owner of the store restructured the store to sell more yarn and patchwork fabric to keep up with the shifting times and trends. The store also sells tools for sowing, lingerie and swimwear.  In 2013 the store moved to a bigger location across from the old one and is now located in Nørregade 22.

The store sells yarn and fabric of the following brands: Petite Something, Petite Knit, Järbo, Hjelhold, Hjertegarn, Sandnes, Permin, Kauni, BC-garn and many more.

Do you want to learn how to knit?

Every Thursday (from September 1st to May 31st) from 14-17 the store welcomes everyone who are interested to join their knitting club, where you knit together. This arrangement is for everyone and is free.