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ROAR shelter site

Shelter at the ROAR site at Roskilde Fjord

Here you will find a shelter for 4-5 people in the shelter of the bushes, on a large campsite by the scout hut in Lejre Vig.

The site is 20 metres from a pebble beach with a jetty. There is an outside water tap by the workshop building and the toilet in the large hut can be used when the hut is open.

Granbakken is a side road off Hornsherredvej, 2.5 km north of Lyndby. The site is on the grounds of the ROAR cabin. Walk across the lawn, past the large cabin and down to the water, where the shelter is sheltered by some bushes.

Use is free on a first come, first served basis - but only for guests on foot, bike or boat. The owner does NOT want users in cars. No parking on site.

Fjordstien Regional Route 40 for cyclists and pedestrians: Passes 250 m away on Hornsherredvej.

The islands and islets in Roskilde Fjord are protected for breeding birds. Access is prohibited from 1 April to 15 July, as is traffic within 50 metres of the islands and islets.

- Canoe & Kayak: Good landing, as the site extends right down to the water.
- Sailboat: 3.5 km to Gershøj harbour. 2.5 km to Lyndby harbour. Both have guest moorings and are part of the Frihavns system.
- Swimming: The campsite has its own beach with a jetty during the summer months.
- Fishing: 1.3 km south of the site, around the Maritime Research Centre / Lyndby Viking Ship Guild, there is good sea trout fishing from land.