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Rohden Manor

This beautiful manor is located in picturesque surroundings, surrounded by forest on the northside of Vejle Fjord. The estate and the adjacent park is closed to the public, but feel free to go for a walk in the surrounding forests.

Impressive manor in beautiful nature

This manor between Daugård Beach and Hotel Vejlefjord, near Rohden River Valley, is located peacefully in the heart of a 756 hectare estate. The estate has an interestin history but is now bigger than ever with intensive forestry and farming. We recommend going for a walk in the lovely natre, between the forests, along Rohden Stream, down to Vejle Fjord, and, not least, past the beautiful manor and its many adjacent farm buildings. It is strictly forbidden to enter the private property including the parklike garden but you can walk on forest paths on Rohdenvej from which you can get a good view of the building.


Rohden’s history

Rohden’s history dates back to 1662. Back then, the Rantzau family had recently acquired Rosenvold Castle not too far from here, which is still owned by the family today. Henrik Rantzau built two contiguous farms where Rohden is today. The current Rohden Manor was created in the 19th Century  when baron Flemming Lerche and Anne Sophie Lüttichau built the current main building. The estate was owned by the Lüttichau family until 2003 when the current owner, Anders Kirk Johansen, thoroughly renovated and beautified the manor.

The current main building from 1898 is a big stylish whitewashed two-floor villa surrounded by a park and a lake. Furthermore, there are also number of distinctive farm buildings around the manor.


Hiking in the forest

You are not allowed to drive into the estate. If you arrive by car, you can turn onto Rohdenvej from the village of Belle. You can park a few hundred metres down this road. From here you can follow Rohden Stream through forest. You will eventually reach Vejle Fjord. You can take a different way back to the parking lot where you pass the manor.

On this digital map you can follow the route around the area. But make sure to stay on the paths. The map also has suggestions for a bike ride in the area.

If you want to hike event further then consider following the fjord heading east to Træskohage Lighthouse and the historic treatment paths at Hotel Vejlefjord.


Explore Vejle Fjord

The beautiful forest-clad and at times dramatic northern coastline of Vejle Fjord has several attractions in nature.

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