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Rønne Havn

Bornholm's largest commercial and ferry harbour. Visiting boats are weicome in the Soendre Boat Harbour and the south harbour. May be entered day and night, allowance being made for wind, current and visibility. Compass variation can occur, and strong currents coupled with bad visibility can be dangerous. The approach to the harbour is guided by lining up the red/ehite light and the whistle buoy 1.4 mautical miles WSW of the harbour. The harbour's leading light guides boats in at 64.5 degrees. The lights on the breakwaters are synchronised and are turned on in daytime when visibility is bad. Fog horn: 1 signal every 20 seconds between 06.00 and 24.00. In calm weather, a gentle surface current in the Baltic Sea sets around Bornholm in a WSW-ly direction toward the Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt. In SW wind the current sets to the northward in the approach channels and in WN-ly wind the current sets to the soutward in the approach channels. Strong onshore winds couse choppy and unpleasant seas. Pound nets and other fishing equipment north of the harbour. -spee limit: 5 knots. Pleasure craft may only use the dredged channel when entering the harbour. Ferry traffic always has right of priority. Visiting boats are kindly requested to dock at Noerrekaas Lystbaadgavn(Marina) if space is available.