Det Kongelige Teater Gamle Scene

The Royal Danish Theatre's Old Stage

Foto: Erik Hansen

Kongens Nytorv 9

1017 København K


Telefoon:33 69 69 33

The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen has graced the Kongens Nytorv Square since 1748. The theatre has guest many famous persons where Søren Kierkegaard was a frequent guest at The Royal Theatre, where he heard Mozart's Don Juan. 

The Royal Theatre's has three main venues at its disposal: the Opera House, the Playhouse, and the Old Stage, the latter almost exclusively for ballet performances.

All performances are state-subsidized, making tickets quite affordable compared to theatre tickets elsewhere in Europe.

Should Her Majesty attend a performance, the audience is required by tradition to rise and remain standing until the Queen is comfortably seated.

Tickets are available at +45 33 69 69 69, online or two hours before a given performance.


Kongens Nytorv 9

1017 København K

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