Visit Northwest Jutland's brand new attraction SAGALAND for the whole family. SAGALAND conveys the legends and traditions of Nordic mythology, erects marvelous horse shows with knights, and invites children and parents to go on a mystery hunt for the secret hero who killed the terrible dragon.

SAGALAND in Husby on the North Sea is populated by the SAGA people, who know all the ancient gods of Nordic mythology. The sagas tell of the good old legends of the gods and their holdings. Take the whole family with you and hear a good story about Thor and Odin and all the other old Nordic gods.

You can also experience a wonderfully beautiful horse show with real knights in great suits, shining armor and with lances and swords.

The Knights tell of their numerous battles on horseback throughout history. On their beautiful war horses, they show how things went when they fought kites or other enemies or held big tournaments with launch dances in honor of kings and gods.

In between shows you can have a chat with the knight about the horses, armor and maybe even be allowed to try a real ring.


Hunting Mystery: Find the Hero Who Killed the Evil DRAGON!

We challenge children and their parents to solve the puzzles together and solve the mystery of who killed the dreaded dragon.

Go on a mystery hunt in SAGALAND - also for adults who love puzzles.


Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesdag, Wednesday and Sunday 13.00 - 17.00.

Tickets: DKK 95. Children 0 - 4 years free.

NOTE: Ticket sales only during the first hour of business hours, cash only.