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Saunagus in the Lalandia Aquadome

Now you can join a saunagus session in the Lalandia Aquadome and find your inner peace

Daylight floods into the 80-degree sauna overlooking the aquadome. Enjoy the tranquillity and feel the well-being wash over you. The sauna is spacious with room for 70 guests.

Extend your wellness experience with a spa and sauna shower in the Aquadome. Let our shower masters challenge and pamper your senses with a true sauna shower, where the scents of essential oils and heat from the sauna will give you an inner sense of calm and well-being.

Open Friday and Saturday:

  • The 1st of January - 8th of February
  • The 18th of February - 24th of March
  • The 30th of March - 27th of June
  • The 18th of August - 10th of October
  • The 21st of October - 1st of December

Open every day:

  • The 9th of February - 17th of February
  • The 25th of March - 30th of March
  • The 28th of June - 17th of August
  • The 11th of October - 20th of October
  • The 23rd of December - 31st of December

Price: Saunagus is included in the price when you visit the Aquadome at Lalandia

Please note that there are more saunagus days than shown below.
See either the above opening periods for saunagus or see more here